May 6, 2016

Workforce Development & Resources

Bob Point Builders

By Dave Lott (Point Builders)

I have been in the construction business for 25 years and have always been intrigued by people in this profession that have committed and excelled in this line of work. It seems to be rare these days to find people that are willing to pick an occupation and stay with it their entire career. That is why I selected Bob, who is now a retired sheet metal worker, and spent 42 years working and trying to understand all aspects of the business to interview.

Essential online resource for Students, Educators and Workers

The Workforce Development & Resources website is the essential online resource for students, educators and workers to learn about the great education and career opportunities available in our industry. The graduates of the MBEYE on the Future class of 2009 (MBI's premier issues awareness and leadership program) launched this resourceful website that has become the one stop for everyone interested in workforce development opportunities in our industry.

This website is composed of five major departments:

AGCA Workforce Development Resources
The AGC of America Web site has special pages devoted to craft training and K-12 outreach efforts. Some of the most used resources are:

  • Links to our craft training partners, the Laborers-AGC and the National Center for Construction Education and Research
  • K-12 Educational resource for 10- to 12-year-olds
  • Links to the construction charter high schools across the nation

Careers and Professions
This section will tour all the site visitors on the different unique characteristics of jobs in the field and at the office. The construction career pathways section will give you an idea of the route you take from being a carpenter to becoming the CEO of a company.
This site was developed for the public to learn about the benefits of having a construction industry that cares about the community through the creation of career ladders in our industry. Most importantly, our goal is to encourage human development at all the stages of the careers offered by the construction industry.

Resources for Students
This section compiles the information of programs which will benefit high school and college students who want to upgrade their credentials or who want to join the construction industry. We include information on MBI's education programs as well as construction related to High Schools, Colleges, and Apprenticeship Programs amongst others. Here the students will find that careers in the construction industry involve upgrading his or her knowledge while the ladder for professional advancing is at reach for everyone.

Resources for Educators
This section compiles the training and curriculum available for advisors and faculty in our education system. It is important that education has constant communications with the industry and in this section we select the curriculum, benchmarks and standards expected by a high quality industry in the schools. In addition, it provides information on multicultural training methods instructors could implement in their classes since our industry is highly composed of a multicultural population. Finally, educators can request jobsite visits and special events for their school.

Resources for the Workforce
Incumbent workers and citizens interested in joining the construction industry find in this section of the website all the links and the most current information to assist them in moving to their next level in their careers in the construction industry or making a smooth transfer to our industry.

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