Helps Identify Possible Bid Dates is a public website that users can visit the site as often and whenever they want to look at potential open bid dates.  The site lists all existing project bid dates for those projects in the Construction Update Network, and lists project categories by owner type, project type, project cost, county and state.

The site will list other projects that already have a set bid date so that a representative can determine what is best for the owner.  That representative can then submit project details so that the bid information can then be listed on the site before the contract documents hit the bidding network.  Once contract documents are ready, owners’ representatives can then forward the information as usual – but this time without the guessing game of trying to schedule around a competing bid letting. is a service that is being offered by the Construction Update Network.  MBI is excited about the site in that it will help owner representatives name bid dates that are spread out more evenly and avoids situations in which a project is set to compete for bidders of other projects.  This not only hurts bidders’ interest, but can adversely impact the public owners’ pool of potential bidders. 

Bidding and Project Procurement

Project procurement in the public sector for the state of Iowa is based on a design / bid / build process, in which the lowest responsible AND responsive bidder is awarded the contract.  Iowa’s competitive bidding laws for public projects have withstood a century of scrutiny and challenges and the Master Builders of Iowa has a long history of working with public owners and contractor-members in keeping the public procurement process free of political favoritism, corruption, cronyism and graft.  Establishing a strong competitive bidding law aids public owners and contractors in the award of contracts, but the biggest benefactor is the Iowa tax payer, who gets a project of high quality and value.

This portion of the website will focus on bidding and project procurement.  You can access the Iowa Code and those chapters that deal with competitive bidding for each respective public owner.  You will also find information on other laws the assist the public project procurement process. 

MBI is unmatched in its expertise on Iowa’s competitive bidding laws and MBI members and public owners are encouraged to draw upon the years of experience MBI has in the arena of project procurement.

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