December 4, 2016

Bidding and Project Procurement

Has your company taken advantage of the MBI Job Board that is offered to our members at no cost?  Posting a job opening on the MBI Job Board is a great way to advertise your available positions to candidates interested in the construction industry.  Through a partnership with BirdDogHR, MBI created an online job board for the construction industry.  The job board is not housed on MBI’s website, but can be found at   The site is being advertised to our education and state partners, including high schools, community colleges, 4-year institutions and Iowa Workforce Development. 

Reports have shown that a great deal of the visitors to the MBI Job Board are younger individuals that may be looking for entry level and/or internship opportunities.  We encourage all members to post entry level opportunities if you are looking for new talent, straight out of high school!

Only MBI members can post career and internship opportunities on the job board that is available to anyone looking to find a position in the industry.  If you are new to the Job Board, simply go to to get started.  Once on the site, click on the Employer Registration button that is in the middle of the page.  Fill out your company information and hit submit to begin the process.  Your information will then be sent to MBI to confirm that you are a member of the Association.  Once the approval process is completed, you will be contacted by BirdDogHR to get your company profile ready to start posting jobs!

Here at MBI, we understand that recruiting is a huge undertaking for MBI members and we hope that the job board can be an additional resource for your firm to find the labor force and leaders you are looking for.  If you have any questions, please contact Micah Loveless at (515) 657-4398 or

Project procurement in the public sector for the state of Iowa is based on a design / bid / build process, in which the lowest responsible AND responsive bidder is awarded the contract.  Iowa’s competitive bidding laws for public projects have withstood a century of scrutiny and challenges and the Master Builders of Iowa has a long history of working with public owners and contractor-members in keeping the public procurement process free of political favoritism, corruption, cronyism and graft.  Establishing a strong competitive bidding law aids public owners and contractors in the award of contracts, but the biggest benefactor is the Iowa tax payer, who gets a project of high quality and value.

This portion of the website will focus on bidding and project procurement.  You can access the Iowa Code and those chapters that deal with competitive bidding for each respective public owner.  You will also find information on other laws the assist the public project procurement process. 

MBI is unmatched in its expertise on Iowa’s competitive bidding laws and MBI members and public owners are encouraged to draw upon the years of experience MBI has in the arena of project procurement.